Mother helping bride put her wedding dress on at Upper Court,Gloucestershire

Documentary Weddings Gloucestershire, Herefordshire

What is documentary Wedding Photography?


“Documentary Wedding photography is a technique of reportage or photojournalism that tells a story entirely through pictures”

Documentary photography is not a set of random snapshots that tell no story at all.

Great documentary wedding photography is considered using the best light, composition, and timing. It is the ability to capture those moments of emotion such as joy and love even sadness. As a documentary Wedding photographer, I am capturing images that don’t follow clichés or trends but say something about your personality and the personalities of your family and friends. To capture these images you not only have to have exceptional camera skills but, just as importantly you have to have amazing people skills. The ability to make people relaxed so you can develop a positive rapport amongst your clients. Such things are the key to authentic documentary wedding photography.

It was the most famous documentary photographer,Henry Cartier-Bresson, who coined the phrase “The decisive moment”

I’m always looking for special those decisive moments. Not just one or two but a series of decisive moments, that tell the real story of your wedding.

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